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Environmental Paper Award Results

2012/13 Environmental Paper Award Results

Date, time & venue


1.1 This Award is established in memory of the late Ir Peter H K Chan, a Past Chairman of HKIE’s Environmental Division.

2.1 The primary objective of the Award is to recognize engineers’ efforts in any environmental research and projects in which green building development, such as assessment standard and protocol, energy conservation and efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emission, use of renewable energy, application of green technologies, waste recovery and recycling, carbon & energy audit and management, and waste treatment and disposal, are fully considered and properly addressed. This Award is intended to encourage widespread emergence of environmentally sound projects.

3. Report

Result of 2012/13 Environmental Paper Award

Champion prize:

Paper title: Life Cycle Carbon Measurement of Locally Used Building


First Runner-up (Two awards):

(1)   Paper title: Sustainability Solution Unlimited - Green Treatment of Marine Mud for Building Materials

(2)   Paper title: Key to Green Building


Outstanding papers “Certificate of Merit” (five awards)

(1)   Paper title: Carbon Audit and Carbon Reduction in Hotels in Hong Kong

(2)   Paper title: The Comprehensive Structural Investigation Programme – A Green Initiative for Building Sustainability

(3)  Paper title: Bank of Green Roofs in Drainage Services Department

(4)  Paper title: Novel Glare Impact Assessment of Photovoltaic System

(5)  Paper title: Construction of the First Offshore Wind Monitoring Station in Hong Kong




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