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[NEW] 2017 Environmental Paper Award HKIE Environmental Division Results

Date, time & venue



1.1 This Award is established in memory of the late Ir Peter H K Chan, a Past Chairman of HKIE’s Environmental Division.


2.1 The primary objective of the Award is to recognize engineers’ efforts in any environmental research and projects in which environmental pollution control and sustainable development, such as reduction of greenhouse gas emission, use of renewable energy, minimization of energy consumption in buildings, carbon audit and management, waste recovery and recycling, solid waste management, water and wastewater treatment, and environmental impact assessment are fully considered and properly addressed. This Award is intended to encourage widespread emergence of environmentally sound projects.



Result of 2017 Environmental Paper Award


Champion Prize:

Paper title: A Novel Zero Effluent Discharge Decentralized System for Converting Food Waste into Three High Market Value Products

Authors: Ir Dr. Anthony Yiu Wa MA, Dr. Susana Xuan WU

Organisation: Hong Kong Productivity Council

Remarks: This Champion paper is in progress of application for publication in HKIE Transactions, therefore downloadable version of paper is not available. 


First Runner-up (Two awards):

(1)   Paper Title: Application of Acoustic Window and Acoustic Balcony for Public Housing Development in Hong Kong

Authors: John H L HO, Stephen Y C YIM

Organisation: Hong Kong Housing Authority


(2)  Paper Title:  Valued-added Application of Waste Plastic Additives in Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixtures-Recycling Waste as Sustainable Pavement Materials

Authors: Anand SREERAM, Zhen LENG, Lamwah CHEUNG*, Rabindra Kumar PADHAN, Kwokpo YU

Organisation: Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Outstanding Papers “Certificate of Merit” (Two awards)

(1) Paper Title: Hong Kong’s Largest Solar Farm at Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Works

Authors: Ir Ricky C.L. LI, Ir Regina Y.Y. WONG, Ir Terence S.H. YU

Organisation: Drainage Services Department (Electrical and Mechanical Projects Division), HKSAR


(2) Paper Title: Life Cycle Environmental Assessment and Key Process Parameters Identification for Sewage Sludge and Food Waste Treatment with Biogas Utilization in Hong Kong

Authors: Sam L H CHIU, Irene M C LO*

Organisation: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology





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