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The 2nd International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource (BWR2017) in Hong Kong

Date, time & venue

2017-05-25;25-28 May, 2017;Z Core (Phase 8), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

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Conference Theme
Biological waste such as food waste, yard waste and sewage sludge has imposed critical burdens on the environment, consuming precious land resources and aggravating global warming. This proposed conference will offer a timely opportunity for knowledge exchange among professionals all over the world to assist the formulation of an efficient sustainable management agenda for organic waste in the local context, which satisfies the environmental compatibility, financial feasibility and social needs. It will deliberate state-of-the-art treatment technologies, advanced management strategies, and political issues pertaining to recycling and recovery of organic waste. Local and overseas experts from different sectors including academic researchers, industrial practitioners, green groups, and government departments will be gathered to solicit scientific and technical inputs as well as political feedback, facilitating the development of integrated solutions. The specific objectives include:
  • Provide an excellent opportunity for local and international experts to meet, exchange information,and inspire new thoughts;
  • Foster collaboration among academics, industrial sectors, green groups, and governmental bodies at local and international level to devise or commercialize novel technologies;
  • Promote awareness and knowledge of conversion of waste into valuable resources among stakeholders;
  • Alleviate the landfill disposal pressure and minimize pollution problems due to improper treatments and disposal methods.
Registration and Enquiries
Please refer to attached leaflets and registration form for your information.  Please contact conference representative if you have any questions.





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