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Technical Visit to recycle of E-waste at WEEE ∙ PARK and Recycle of rubber tire workshop at Ecopark

Date, time & venue

2018-08-11;11 August 2018 (Saturday) 9:30 am -10:30 pm for E-waste at WEEE ∙ PARK, and 10:45am-12:15 pm for Recycle of rubber tire workshop at Ecopark;Gathering time 8:30 am at Kowloon Tong MTR Station Exit D

Co-organizer: HKIE Materials Division, Environmental Management Association of Hong Kong (EMAHK) and The Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professional (HKIQEP)

Programme Highlights

The content of the tour for

A) E-waste at WEEE ∙ PARK

1)            Introduction of the Facility and green feature inside the building

2)            Introduction of REE (Regulated Electrical Equipment)

3)            Introduction of REE (Regulated Electrical Equipment) Treatment Line

4)            The influence of disposal of E-waste

B) Recycle of rubber tire workshop at Ecopark


A tyre recycling facility in EcoPark, which is operated by a third-generation recycler.  The event will introduce some of Green Innovations with respect to waste tyres.  It will also provide an insight into the waste management sector, background, history and development.  The current risk challenges and the opportunity in operating a recycling model in Hong Kong.   


Representative from respective host organizers


Registration & Enquiries

The number of participants is limited to 40.  Nonrefundable Fee for HK$ 50 for the visit including transport. Pre-registration is required. For registration, please register through website  . The successful applicant should be notified on or before 2 August 2018. For enquiries, please contact Ir CS Lam at 91527659.   CPD certificate will be issued.


Note: The host organizer has right to change the itinerary without prior notice. For personal interest, the participants should purchase his own insurance. The successful application must equip with his/her own safety helmet, safety shoes and safety vest for the visit.




Technical Visit to recycle of E-waste at WEEE ∙ PARK

By Ir LAM Chi Sing


A technical visit was organized to the recycle of waste electrical and electronic equipment at WEEE · PARK and Recycle rubber tyre at Eco-park on 11 August 2018. This was jointly organized by the Environmental Division, Materials Division of the HKIE, Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals and Environment Management Association of Hong Kong. The representative from WEEE · PARK let us visit to the exhibition corridor and introduced the process of electronic waste treatment. The workflow of treatment electronic waste is that the waste electronics were collected, detoxified, dismantled, sorting and then recycle to reusable products. Some electronic wastes comprised of different components such as plastics, iron, copper and aluminum, glass and other components depend on the products manufacturing. The current regulated electrical equipment were television sets, air conditioners, refrigerators and washers. Some of the e-waste contain harmful substance such as mercury and lead, so it needs detoxify before dismantling. The representative also introduced six innovative name representing electronic products such as tubby (CRT TV set), flatty (flat screen television), fridge (refrigeration), chilly (air conditioner) Digi (IT equipment) and Washy (washer).


After the introduction, we were led to see their processing lines which is isolated from window wall panels. The members saw the process of workflow for treating electronic equipment. The representative stressed that the potential toxicity electronic equipment should be wrapped by plastic sheets, the purpose is to prevent the contamination to the environment hence to minimize the dangerous to human health.


The waste electronic should be dismantled in such a way that the harmful substance should be removed such as fluorescent powder, lead, refrigerant, lubricant oil, and should be detoxicate, and then the chemical substance should be removed beforehand, then the recycling parts such as cases, cables, plugs, speakers, circuit boards, and condenser can be removed and recycle for becoming usable products. They will transfer to the environmentally friendly licensed contractor for recycle use.

The session ended with question-and-answer session.

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