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Seminar on Evaluative Mediation in Construction Disputes

Date, time & venue

2018-07-05;6:30pm - 8:00pm;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F

Organised by HKIE-AMC, CAD & EVD

Supported BY HKCAC

Programme Highlights:

Evaluative mediation has been promoted by the Department of Justice in the last three years starting on the specialised IP (Intellectual Properties) disputes, with a purpose to gain efficiency and effectiveness to results through focused mediation practice over the conventional, general, facilitative style.  In the Mediate-First Pledge Anniversary Conference May 2018, the DOJ has manifestly expressed to explore evaluative mediation for general applications.

 The crux to success in evaluative mediation lies on specialisation on custom-designed mediation process to be conducted by specialised mediators with expertise on the subjects of the dispute.  Evaluative mediator will be entrusted by the parties on his / her specialised capabilities to provide credible evaluation during evaluative mediation whereupon the parties vest their reliance in search for the best way to settle their disputes amicably. 

Specialisation on resolution of construction disputes through specialised construction arbitration, mediation, adjudication and expert witness has always been the core business of HKCAC since establishment in 2006.  In 2009, between the two prevalent styles, evaluative and facilitative mediation, HKCAC developed, promulgated and promote the practice of Specialised Facilitative Mediation (SFM) taking the best of both worlds.  In the advent of evaluative mediation becoming a trend in Hong Kong, HKCAC will provide in the HKIE seminar insights and practical use between evaluative, SFM and general facilitative mediation styles, and how parties and mediators can procure better results in getting to settlement of construction disputes in mediation.


Powerpoint in English and presentation in Cantonese with English supplements.


Dr CHEE Wai Hung Simon is by profession an Architect, Authorised Person, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediator, Dispute Resolution Advisor / Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Advisor, and an expert witness.  Academically on dispute resolution, he acquired the MAArbDR, LLM(Dist) and Doctor in Juridical Science, and gives lectures at the University of Hong Kong, the HK Polytechnic University, the HK City University.  He is the founder / President of the Hong Kong Construction Arbitration Centre, Limited inaugurated in 2006, and its programme leader on the qualification training and assessment for construction arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators and expert witnesses since 2009.  He is the Chairman of the HKIA Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee from 2013 till present, a member of the Board of Practice, and the programme leader for the 3 courses on Adjudicators Accreditation Programmes 2016-17.  He gives lectures for the Housing Authority and the Construction Industry Council, and seminars on numerous occasions on construction dispute prevention and resolutions in HK and PRC for HKCAC, JMHO, HKIArb, HKIS, ICE(HK), HKICM, HKGBCA, HKCSA, IVE, IoQ.

Registration & Enquiries

The seminar is free of charge with maximum of participants of 80.  For registration, please complete the online enrollment form in Associate Members Committee website (  Successful applicants will be notified before the event.  For enquiries, please contact Mr. Benjamin Lam at   Attendance certificate will be awarded after seminar.






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