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Technical Seminar: “A Novel Zero Effluent Discharge Decentralized System for Converting Food Waste into Three High Market Value Products”

Date, time & venue

2017-07-07;6:30pm - 8:00pm;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F

Programme Highlight [CHAMPION of 2017 Environmental Paper Award]

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has developed a novel 3-step zero discharge process through a 2-year research study. A pilot system capable of processing 50kg/day food waste was built to prove the design concept. It comprised three main steps: pretreatment, food waste decomposition and biogas production. A patented pretreatment machine was developed to treat wet and sticky Asian food waste. Through this machine, organic portion of food waste could be automatically separated from non-biodegradable matters and become homogeneous fine particle slurry. Two separated bioreactors were used to cultivate two distinct types of microbial population. In the decomposition bioreactor, complex organic substances were broken down into three types of reusable products: floatable oil, nutrient solution of simple organic acids and protein-rich solid residue. The floatable oil was quality waste oil that could be sold as raw material for biodiesel while the protein-rich solid residue was dried to produce eco fish feed. The nutrient solution was fed to the methanogenesis bioreactor in which the organic acids were converted into biogas by methanogenic bacteria. The HRT of the decomposition substances was as short as 2-3 days while that of the methanogenesis bioreactor was only 7-8 days. The wastewater coming out of the methanogenesis bioreactor was recycled back to the pretreatment system so that there was no wastewater discharge. The developed process can be employed in decentralized systems to convert food waste into high market value products.



The presentation and powerpoint in English



Ir Dr Anthony MA – Principal Consultant, Hong Kong Productivity Council


Registration & Enquiries

The seminar is free of charge with maximum participants of 80.  For registration, please enroll online in EV Division website ( ).  Successful applicants will be notified before the event.  For enquiries, please contact Mr. Benjamin Lam 91522316.  Attendance certificate will be awarded after seminar.





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