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Events / Activities

Technical Seminar: Latest Green Nano Technologies for Large Scale Water Treatment

Date, time & venue

2018-05-14;6:30pm - 8:00pm;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F

Programme Highlight

NAMI established water treatment technologies in various urban and industrial applications.  NAMI Nano Bubble Technology with Ozone that can be used for industrial wastewater treatment, as well as general cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers, fountains, swimming pools, and others industrial processes and equipment. Current applications in water purification involve the use of our advanced biomaterials and novel nanofiber membrane.  Industrial water treatment requires more diverse technologies, and our Next Generation Nanofiber Membranes, including added functionalities and 3D structures, are being developed to potential replace RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane in purifying and recycling industrial waste waters.  NAMI also developed an innovative way of utilizing Seawater Extract for odor removal in urban sewage.


Dr. Alice Ho – Technical Manager of Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited

Dr. Echo Li – Project Leader of Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited

Dr. Samuel Tang – Project Leader of Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited


Registration & Enquiries

The seminar is free of charge with maximum participants of 80.  For registration, please enroll online in EV Division website ( ). Successful applicants will be notified before the event.  For enquiries, please contact Mr. Benjamin Lam 91522316.  Attendance certificate will be awarded after seminar.





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