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Asia-Pacific Conference on Biotechnology for Waste Conversion 2016

Date, time & venue

2016-12-06;6-8 December 2016;Hong Kong Baptist University

 EVD is a supporting organisation


Conference Background

Growing urban population and industrialization in Asia-Pacific region posing serious environmental issues including solid waste disposal, demand for N-P fertilizers, soil erosions due to poor carbon return, greenhouse gas emissions and high- dependence for fosil-fuels/energy. All are interlinked factors and require collective efforts from scientists, engineers, policy makers and non-profit organizations to develop region-specific management plans to achieve sustainable growth. Developing best waste recycling practices by integrated biotechnology will be a ‘key’ to tackle the multi- dimensional issues. But, the current situation in Asia-Pacific region is not very appealing, while the technologies are not well integrated to meet the requirements and to reach the goal of sustainability. Although the waste is considered as a resource, it is not much exploited for potential bio-products developments or bio-energy recovery in Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, a multidimensional approach and efficient knowledge transfers are required to deal with the alarming situation. In recent years, the bio-refinery concepts in the field of waste management to produce bio-fuels, -polymers, -diesel, -nanomaterials and -fertilizers are in lime light from both developed and developing countries.


Enquiry and Registration

Please refer to the attached poster and visit the conference official webpage at: for more information.





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