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  09/04/2021 Reach out to Leaders: Mr Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR Government
  26/03/2021 Brief Story of Ir Dr. Raymond K.L. Chan
  19/02/2021 Story of Chi-sing Lam (Committee Member)
  02/02/2021 Story of Ir Daniel Wang
  02/02/2021 Story of Ir Fredrick Leong
  18/01/2021 Story of Ir Jacqueline Chan
  10/12/2020 Story of Ir Norman CHENG
  09/12/2020 Story of Ir IP Tat Yan
  09/12/2020 Story of Ir Prof. Irene M.C. LO
  30/11/2020 Story of Ir Dr Anthony Ma (Chairman)
  30/11/2020 Story of Thomas Chan (Immediate Past Chairman)
  03/11/2020 Reach out to Leaders: Ir Dr The Hon Lo Wai Kwok (07 October 2020)