Events / Activities

  Date Events
    23/05/2019 Training Course for Certified Professionals for Grid Connected Renewable-Energy Power Generation Systems
    24/05/2019 Technical seminar: Augreen block wall system-An Innovative and Integrated solution for Green & Sustainable Construction
    27/05/2019 OSH Seminar: Design, installation, telescoping and dismantle of Tower Crane in a Construction site
    31/05/2019 OSH Seminar: Experience sharing of Industrial and Construction Accidents by Registered Safety Officer (RSO)
    05/06/2019 Technical Seminar: The safety use of Tower Crane and cases study in Hong Kong
    24/06/2019 Technical Seminar: Turn MSW into Profit: Novel Recycling and Biodegradable Technologies to Develop High Value Products and reduce Landfill Burden
    17/07/2019 Certified Carbon Auditor Training Course
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