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    22/06/2018 Technical Seminar: The Ways to solve for Water Hammering in Water Supply system
    22/06/2018 內地專利商品化研討會(生物科技及環保)
    25/06/2018 Technical Seminar: Green Filtration System for Cooling Towers and Prevention of Legionnaires
    26/06/2018 ASCE Annual One-day Symposium on Green Material Resources For Sustainable Construction Industry
    29/06/2018 Technical Seminar: Evolution of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - GE's Industrial Internet Control System
    05/07/2018 Seminar on Evaluative Mediation in Construction Disputes
    16/08/2018 [NEW] 2017 Environmental Paper Award HKIE Environmental Division Results
    23/11/2018 9th Guangdong Hong Kong Macau Sustainable Development Conference -Call for Papers 第九屆粵港澳大灣區可持續發展研討會 - 徵文通知
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