Events / Activities

  Date Events
    23/10/2019 International Noise Seminar – Innovative Acoustic Windows - The Latest Trendy Noise Mitigation Designs
    25/10/2019 Chemical Waste treatment Facility at Tsing Yi Hong Kong
    25/10/2019 Green Finance Visiting Tour - Qianhai Shenzhen
    28/10/2019 Coastal Engineering due to Climate Change
    04/11/2019 Technical Seminar: Acoustic-aided Air Filtration – A new technology that improve IAQ and Energy Saving
    07/11/2019 Seminar on Renewable Energy For Hong Kong: A Bright Future?
    11/11/2019 Technical Seminar: Innovation and Technology Integration in Building and Construction
    22/11/2019 The HKIE Environmental Division Annual Reception 2019
    26/02/2020 Certified Carbon Auditor Training Course
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