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   13/12/2017 Executive Training on Developing and Financing Low Carbon Ecnonomy
   09/12/2017 Technical Visit to Shenzehn Municipal Water Treatment Projects
   08/12/2017 Technical seminar: Contaminated sediments – the world’s good risk assessment and management
   01/12/2017 Technical Seminar: Representative River Regeneration Project, the Hong Kong (Kai Tak River) and China Cases
   30/11/2017 [*NEW*] The HKIE Environmental Division Annual Reception
   27/11/2017 Technical Seminar: Biodiversity-why should we care?
   27/11/2017 (6,13,23 & 27 November 2017)Certificate Course on Fundamental of Environmental Ordinance
   24/11/2017 Seminar on Food and Beverage (F&B) Licensing Workshop with green design
   20/11/2017 Technical Seminar: Photovoltaic technology and application of solar in project and products
   13/11/2017 Technical Seminar on Smart Design of Cooling Tower System and Water Tank System
   11/11/2017 Technical Visit for T-Park
   10/11/2017 Technical Seminar on “ Sustainability Thinking: Perspectives from Higher Ed”
   07/11/2017 Technical Seminar: Advanced Oxidation Process in Water and Wastewater Treatment
   30/10/2017 Technical Seminar: Reviving Remote Villages – Why and How?
   26/10/2017 Technical Seminar: Impact of Regional Transboundary PM 2.5 Pollution on Hong Kong: Application of Source Tagging Method
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