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   29/09/2017 Technical Seminar on “To Create a Smarter World – To know more on Seeing Eye Dogs”
   25/09/2017 “Certificate Course on Novel Technologies for Chillers” (4, 11, 18 & 25 September 2017)
   22/09/2017 Technical Seminar on “Create A Smarter Future with GIS”
   20/09/2017 [BEAM Society Limited] The 2nd BEAM Plus New Buildings Training
   26/08/2017 Technical Visit to German Pool's Production Plant in Shunde
   18/08/2017 Seminar on “Sustainability in Building through Innovation”
   07/08/2017 Technical Seminar: Hong Kong Green Award 2017
   31/07/2017 Seminar on New Nano Material and Technology for Sustainable Applications
   17/07/2017 Seminar on “HK's climatic record 1884-2016: a new interpretation”
   08/07/2017 [FULL] Technical visit to Solar Farm at Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Works
   07/07/2017 Technical Seminar: “A Novel Zero Effluent Discharge Decentralized System for Converting Food Waste into Three High Market Value Products”
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