Chairman’s Message

I'm greatly honoured to be elected as Chairman of the Environmental Division for the Session 2019/2020, and sincerely grateful to the past Chairman of the Division and all Committee members for the tremendous achievements made over previous Sessions with devotion and dedication. Relying on the infallible support of the Committee Members, I'm fully committed to keeping up with the momentum during this upcoming Session.

The transformative change of Hong Kong towards the status of world city has made significant gains in human development over recent years. However, Hong Kong sustainable development will undoubtedly emerge from new strategies that seriously work on efficient land-use, bio-capacity balance, ecological footprint overshoot, resource recovery, and climate resilience. In clear, persistent multi-dimensional challenges must be addressed to direct such development in a systematic and sustainable manner.

In this regard, the Environmental Division under my chairmanship will continue to play its partition by inspiring sustainable solutions and enriching the root of the sustainable development process through expounding related key levers with multi-disciplinary integration, quality services, synergy with other Divisions of the HKIE, partnerships and global thinking.

I also believe there are potential engineering innovation opportunities associated with the sustainability related key strategies and programmes (including green built environment, resource preservation scheme and climate resilience) of the Hong Kong 2023+ Development Vision that sets out the Government's vision for sustainable development over the coming decades. It is my intention to promote discussion, expertise and knowledge sharing for our members and the society on these key aspects through technical seminars, in order to contribute to sustainable quality life in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, the Division will be further involving in the promotion of green innovation over this Session through a Study Mission on emerging green technologies of which the salient points should be discussed during the upcoming Division's Workshop.

My objective is also to keep nurturing and inspiring young engineers from primary schools to University, and young professionals in the sustainability field through the job-shadow and reach-out programmes.

I look forward to receiving the continuous guidance of the Committee Members for another fruitful Session.

Ir Thomas CT Chan

Chairman of HKIE-Environmental Division (Session 2019/2020)